Cairo 2 Nights & Cruise 7 Nights

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Cairo 2 Nights & Cruise 7 Nights

Cairo + Sailing Aswan - Luxor

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2 days in Cairo in the Grand Nile Tower Hotel or similar. Cairo/Egypt 7 day Nile cruise: 5-star comfort ship Nile cruise/Egypt

2 days in Cairo in the Grand Nile Tower Hotel or similar.

7 day Nile cruise: 5-star comfort ship
Nile cruise/Egypt

  •  Accommodation and meals according to travel description
  • All transfers in modern, air-conditioned coaches or minibuses
  • Support from an experienced tour guide
  • Flight tickets from/to your chosen home airport in economy class
  • Domestic flights in Egypt with Egypt Air in Economy Class1 piece of luggage including a free baggage allowance of 20kg per person per route
  • Visa issuance upon entry: The visa fee of €35.00 per person must be paid on site.
  • Tips on the ship: Approx. €45.00 per person to be paid to the tour guide on the first day of the Nile cruise.
  • Personal expenses such as telephone, internet, etc.

Your unforgettable trip to Egypt begins with a pleasant flight of approximately four hours, either direct or with a stopover, to Cairo. Regardless of your arrival time, you will be greeted by our friendly airport representatives before you pass passport control. Our staff are easily recognizable by their Niltours sign and will take care of all entry formalities for you. After all immigration formalities have been completed and you have collected your luggage, our team will accompany you to your hotel. Enjoy your stay in Egypt and be amazed by the wonders of this fascinating country! Overnight in Cairo.

After breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up by our experienced tour guide to experience an unforgettable day. We start our tour with the impressive pyramids of Giza, which are visible from space. As one of the last remaining structures of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, they are among the oldest and most important cultural treasures of humanity. On the Giza plateau we embark on a breathtaking journey through time into the legendary advanced culture of ancient Egypt. Our route includes the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Cheops), the Middle Pyramid (Pyramid of Chephren), the Pyramid of Menkaure as well as the smaller pyramids that were once built for princesses and queens. During the tour, our knowledgeable guide will introduce you to current excavations, discoveries and exciting theories about the mystery of the Sphinx.

We then visit the Egyptian Museum, which is located in the heart of Cairo. This world's largest museum of ancient Egyptian art houses an impressive collection of exhibits from all periods of antiquity. Please note that we are currently touring the old museum until the new Grand Egyptian Museum opens its doors. As soon as the new museum opens, our tours will take place there. Particularly highlighted are the famous finds from the tomb of Tutankhamen, which express the immeasurable wealth of the pharaohs.

We end the day with a walk through the narrow streets of the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. Here you can immerse yourself in a world full of colors and scents and experience the authentic oriental flair. You will spend the night in the hotel as the day before.

Today we take you on an inspiring journey into the past, away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo. The two historical sites of Memphis and Sakkara are only three kilometers apart and about 25 km south of the metropolis. Memphis was once the capital of the ancient empire and marked the connection between Lower and Upper Egypt. What remains of this once magnificent city exudes a special calm. Surrounded by majestic palm trees, the impressive alabaster sphinx and the reclining colossus of Ramses II await you there.

In Sakkara, embedded in the majestic desert landscape, rises the breathtaking step pyramid of Djoser. This architectural masterpiece was built according to the plans of the brilliant builder Imhotep and is considered a forerunner of the classical pyramids. It is one of the oldest stone buildings in the world and amazes visitors. During our tour we will take you through one of the tomb complexes, also known as mastaba, where nobles and high officials once found their final resting place. Here you will encounter enchanting depictions of everyday life in ancient Egypt, which will give you a vivid insight into the life of the upper class at the time.

After this impressive dive into the past, we continue our journey and fly on to Luxor by domestic flight. A German-speaking tour guide will be waiting for you there, who will warmly welcome you and look after you personally. Embarkation on your cruise ship takes place and you have the opportunity to relax on board and look forward to unforgettable experiences along the Nile

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Valley of the Kings, one of the most famous burial sites in world history, embedded in a breathtaking lunar landscape of sand and stone. This long-cherished dream becomes reality for you. Thebes West, located on the western bank of the Nile opposite Luxor, is home to a variety of captivating sights and ancient sites. During our excursion you will admire the famous Colossi of Memnon, which are the only remaining witnesses of what was probably the largest mortuary temple ever built in Egypt before an earthquake destroyed it.

The Valley of the Kings is home to the final resting places of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, an era in which Egypt experienced its heyday of advanced civilization. Hardly any other place in Egypt holds as many legends as this valley. The legendary and opulently decorated tomb of Tutankhamen is also located here, impressing with its wealth and splendor. In Deir el-Bahari stands the magnificent Hatshepsut Temple, one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt and a masterpiece of Egyptian architecture. The idiosyncratic limestone building impresses with its modern style and unique appearance. The wide, straight entrance and the majestic rock massif behind it create an overall composition that can hardly be put into words.

After our eventful excursion, we return to Luxor, where you relax on the deck of your cruise ship and reflect on the day's impressions.

As your ship travels upriver, you will reach the fascinating towns of Edfu and Kom Ombo. The best-preserved temple in Egypt awaits you in Edfu - the Temple of Horus. This architectural masterpiece has also served as a backdrop for various films. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ancient Egypt and be enchanted by the splendor and wealth of detail of this temple.

Halfway between Edfu and Aswan, you will reach the next stop - the Temple of Kom Ombo. This temple dates back to the Greco-Roman period and is located on a hill right on the bank. From here you have a beautiful view of the majestic Nile and the surrounding fields. Let yourself be seduced by the atmosphere of this historic place and enjoy the unique scenery.

After an eventful day, you return to your ship, where you will spend another restful night.

A fascinating excursion awaits you in Aswan as you explore the highlights of the region. Your day begins with a visit to the Nasser Dam, built in 1971. Immerse yourself in the impressive engineering skills and learn more about the significance of this imposing structure. During a scenic crossing on a traditional felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailing boat, you will reach the island of Agilkia, home to the Philae Temple. Admire the magnificent temple ruins, which tell of the history of Egypt in their own unique way.

On your trip you will also visit Kitchener Island, another magical river island near Aswan. A species-rich botanical garden awaits you here, which will enchant you with its natural beauty and diverse flora. Enjoy the view from the water of the impressive mausoleum of the Aga Khan III, which exudes a special atmosphere.

After an eventful day, you have time to stroll through the Aswan bazaar and experience the hustle and bustle of the local traders and artisans. Let yourself be seduced by the exotic scents, vibrant colors and traditional goods. Enjoy the special atmosphere and take a piece of Egypt home with you.

Immerse yourself in a day full of freedom and design your stay in Aswan according to your ideas. There is the opportunity to take part in a fascinating excursion to Abu Simbel (not included in the price, bookable and payable on site).

We start early in the morning to experience the breathtaking sunrise in the desert. Abu Simbel is located about 280 kilometers south of Aswan on the shores of Lake Nasser. The rock temple of Ramses II, which was once saved from the floods and rebuilt, is an impressive testimony to ancient Egyptian civilization and is undoubtedly a highlight of any trip to the Nile. The majestic, colossal statues rising into the sky give the magnificent temple complex a unique aura. The Hathor Temple is no less fascinating and invites you to an unforgettable exploration.

After your return from this extraordinary excursion, you will spend the night on board your ship again, where you will have time to reflect on the fascinating experiences of the day. Be enchanted by the magic and enchantment of Egypt and enjoy the comfort and amenities of your ship as you relax on the waves of the Nile.

You continue your journey downstream and allow yourself to be enchanted by the fascinating landscapes of Upper Egypt. To the left and right of the river there is a picturesque backdrop that will captivate you and give you unforgettable impressions. Enjoy the comfort and amenities as the gentle waves of the Nile continue to accompany you. Let yourself be enchanted by the romantic atmosphere on the ship and immerse yourself in a world full of history, culture and unforgettable experiences.

The magnificent complex of Karnak, located just three kilometers north of Luxor on the banks of the Nile, is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece and, at 40 hectares, is one of the largest sacred buildings in the world. The impressive colonnades, obelisks and pylons form a fascinating kaleidoscope of art history over 2,000 years.

The Temple of Luxor, in the middle of the city on the waterfront, was built by Amenhotep III. and Ramses II in honor of the deities Amun, Mut and Chons. Even in ruins, these impressive remains bear witness to the temple's former splendor. After the visit, you will have free time to let the magic of the place work its magic on you.

In the evening you have the option to experience the light and sound show in the Karnak Temple - a sensory experience in the midst of a unique cultural and historical backdrop. Today is your last overnight stay on your ship before your unforgettable journey comes to an end.

After disembarking, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight or the bus transfer to your booked hotel on the Red Sea. If you have planned a stay in Sharm El Sheikh, you can take a domestic flight from Luxor to Sharm El Sheikh. We hope you had an unforgettable trip and wish you a pleasant journey home!

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