Welcome Rotana Egypt MEMBERSHIP!

Benefits \ CARDBronze CardSilver CardGolden Card
Special rates in customizing offers
Discount in ready-made packages/programs EGP 400, EGP 450, EGP 500 respectively
Free airport transfer within Cairo upon booking any program / package (Flight + Hotel outside Egypt)
Schengen visa for free including insurance for 2 weeks
US OR UK (6 months) visa for free
Thailand visa for free
1 year travel medical insurance covering Europe for free
Europe Hidden Gems Programs for members for free
Discount in one ready-made package/program with Members offers for friends / family membersFor 3 friends/family members EGP 200 eachFor 5 friends/family members EGP 350 eachFor 10 friends/family members EGP 500 each
Card Fees:EUR 60 ~ EGP 1,050 per yearEUR 420 ~ EGP 7,300 per yearEUR 1,700 ~ EGP 29,700 per year
Card Average Value:EGP 2,000EGP 9,300EGP 36,000
Card Cancellation Policy *Should be cancelled maximum 6 months after date of purchace. Applicable if none of the benefits was used NonrefundableIf none of the services is used: 75% of card price will be refundedIf none of the services is used: 75% of card price will be refunded

*Bronze Card will be activated starting from 15th August 2016
*Silver & Golden Cards activation date will be announced soon..

To activate your card, throw us an email to membership@rotana-egypt.com

Terms & Conditions


  • Card purchaser may purchase the card by paying in EUR or in EGP after deciding the equivalence at date of purchase by the accounting department
  • Payment Terms: Full amount at purchasing


  • Card Refund (if applicable) may take 4-7 working days
  • The refund amount will be in the same currency that the purchaser paid


  • Programs usually exclude flight tickets unless stated otherwise
  • Most of our packages/ programs prices are based on price per person in double/twin room
  • For Gold members, one program of Europe Hidden Gems is free based on; rate per person in double room. In case of reserving single room; the rate of person in double room would be paid by Rotana Egypt for single room price and single room price supplement, will be paid by the client

Discounts / Benefits

  • Discount for the card owners can be used countless times within card duration
  • Discounts do not apply for infants (less than 2 years old)
  • Discounts for ready-made packages/programs are for the offers included in your account ONLY. You can view them by logging in using the user email and password
  • Benefits/Discounts can NOT be combined with other offers. To review available offers, kindly log in to your account
  • Once card is purchased; Rotana Egypt will bear any losses those may occur due to currency fluctuations (e.g. increase in visa price)
  • All the benefits to be used once by card holder, except the 1st three benefits
  • If cards' benefits change after the purchase, client will take all the old benefits shown at time of purchase
  • Once any service/benefit is used (by using any of the services/discounts), Silver & Golden card becomes nonrefundable as well

Visa & Insurance

  • Visa acceptance/rejection is subject to the embassy’s discretion
  • In case of visa rejection, cards cannot be canceled
  • Embassy interview appointments are according to availability
  • For silver & Gold members: Visa service should be used within the card's validity duration (1 year). If the available interview appointment is after the card's expiry date, we won't be able to provide you with this service. So, please request the interview appointment at least 4 months in advance of card's expiry date
  • For Silver & Gold members: insurance (2 weeks) is free in Schengen visa till the age of 65
    and for Gold member 1-year insurance for free till the age of 65

Airport Transfer

  • For airport transfers to be guaranteed, kindly arrange with the transportation department at least 5 working days before travel date otherwise, we may not be able to provide this service
  • For airport transfers: in some cases; we may provide a bus to travelers who live nearby each other

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